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The Hedgerow: Masterplanning for Human and Wildlife Co-habitation

Part 2 Dissertation 2023
Ella Murrell
University of Sheffield | UK
"If we consider how humans build their architectural territories, lines have always been drawn between people and wildlife, articulated in roads, walls, fencing and hedgerows. Yet animals need ecological networks to survive and humans thrive at the intersection of nature and the man-made world. Seeking to address how the strategic planning of new neighbourhoods can mediate between a sense of enclosure from natural landscapes and this need to be close to them, this dissertation investigates one of the remaining lifelines in our urban and agricultural deserts: the hedgerow.

Beginning by studying and drawing the hedgerow at three correlated scales: the network scale, the hedgerow scale, and the scale of plant species, these wildlife corridors start to indicate local ecology, historic pattern and settlement, and the movements of water, animals and humans.

A site in Leixlip, Ireland, was used for this scaler analysis and as a case study, comparing two different strategic planning approaches and their treatment of historic hedgerows. Careful consideration of these ecological artefacts is examined to explore an answer for synergic human and wildlife co-habitation.

Ella Murrell

Mr Russell Light
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