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Transology; a Vehicle Manufacturing Plant for Southwark, London

Part 1 Project 2007
Claudia White
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The scheme inserts an alternative transport system as an extension to the existing use of the site, with the concept of complete vehicle sharing across the city.

The concept of Transology informs this architectural system and building. Transology is a 'field of design concerned with the interrelationship of mobility and the environment'.
Introducing a conditioned environment, manufacturing various modes of transport specific to the users' requirements, and/or body contour.

A roof top velodrome allows for vehicle test running, while providing an envelope to views across London. A person-specific transport structure, extending the travel link from the tube station out onto London’s roads, via sustainable means.
It delivers an architectural catalyst for a wider structure for the city.

Claudia White

Claudia's response to the twelve-week brief is an insightful analysis of the
cultural context of the Southwark site and the problems facing large cities.
She has skilfully combined contemporary research and rational futurism to create not only technological processes, but also an architectural language that delights in what could be.

Her response to a challenging site is a building that deals in measurement and movement of the body, creating motive recycled devices to the exact contour and need of a city dweller. The proposal links underground, street,
and sky to city-- and invigorates and re-defines the surroundings.

The representation of the project shows explicitly the intention.

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