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The Lost Soul Hotel

Part 1 Project 2007
Andrew Street
University of Plymouth | UK
A place was created that would take people away from their everyday lives. Remove the comforts that we take for granted. Teach them how to dedicate themselves to caring for something else. Caring for something other than ourselves is a very giving act of kindness. Hopefully by allowing them to give life, they will find the enjoyment in giving and caring. So when they return to their everyday life, they can see the good things and they are aware of the faults. The one single reason for this building existing is to keep the existence of the butterflies prolonged.
Andrew Street

Andrew’s project reflects his interest in the potency of surface, light and space.
The project for a butterfly hotel and retreat allowed him to construct first a place for butterflies as a series of stepped terraces that climbed up the surface of Cape Edgecombe overlooking the Western approaches to Plymouth. Second a place for people who would come to tend the gardens and live communally centred around a cloistered courtyard. The project is evocative and intense. It is designed to have mould grow on its concrete surfaces. Was it built by Aztecs stranded on their way to Tibet?

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