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urban sustention (b)

Part 1 Project 2007
Akram Fahmi
University for the Creative Arts | UK
The rigid program lies quiet. Lies dormant, awaiting the dawn. A new dawn. Awaiting the light to pierce its cavernous depths. It waits for the influx. The tremor of sound. The awakening hum of the generators echoes through its sterile floors and its de-uniformed walls. Delicate and intricate. Deep in secrecy. Deep in moral and ethical questioning. These mummified laboratories stand in contrast to the exposed matrixial mediating layer above.
The binding of two entities, the manifestation of reformed romantic farming ideals delicatley placed and forged in a fine fur, coating the urban landscape in a socio-economic intensity.

Akram Fahmi

Urban Sustenance invited students to consider how architecture might sustain life in the city in a new way that is responsive to multiple micro-changes in human attitudes to sustainability currently taking place. The project questioned whether and how pleasure might be found beyond existence. Three sites, on thresholds of the Olympic regeneration area, offered students the scope to filter and reinterpret local and international issues. Akram utilised the intensive farming of strawberries in an urban hybrid programme that both integrates social and economic communities and concerns and addresses the gritty scale and grain of the location.

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