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Disneyland Hong Kong

Part 1 Dissertation 2002
Carrie Sin
University of Bath | UK
This dissertation explores the interaction between Disneyland and Hong Kong. Hong Kong has learned from Disney. Now it is time perhaps for Disney to learn from Hong Kong. Hong Kong can be understood as a very sopisticated self-regulating system that has mutated and has constantly adapted itself to ever changing social and economic conditions. This dissertation argues that not only shuld Disney listen to and accommodate the rapidly shifting patterns of trend making in Hong Kong, but it could use Hong Kong as a template for its other theme parks worldwide.
Carrie Sin

This dissertation asks the question: is "Didney" a superficial piece of contemporary culture or does it offer us some deep insight into how we operate in the world today? This dissertaion makes an intersting study into the Disney phenomenon, looking at the concept of role-playing and the architectural principle of 'theming', set within the broader context of contemporary culture.

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