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How modern is contemporary housing?

Part 1 Dissertation 2002
Neill Campbell
University of Portsmouth | UK
As a modern society, we are becoming more and more independent, arranging and organising our own lifestyles in a way that we choose.

Commercial markets are geared towards this diversity, and have developed marketing and production strategies that allow them to make more and more individual products. However, the English Housing industry is generally not responding to these changes, and is relying instead on traditional typologies of a bygone age. Consequently the contemporary domestic dwelling is becoming increasingly disassociated with modern lifestyles characteristics, when it should be aiming to do the opposite.

Neill Campbell

Neil Campbell’s dissertation is a well crafted piece of work.

The subject, “How Modern is Contemporary Housing” is a serious critique of the English Housing Industry and something that Neil feels passionate about. He explores the subject area in new and provocative ways only, perhaps, relying too much on the theories of Bauman.

It is an extremely well presented dissertation. The way that it is put together is professional at every level. The quality of production is excellent.

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