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Manual for Eternal Autumnal Micro-Climates: Re-imagining Kyoto as the City of a Thousand Autumns

Part 2 Project 2012
Martin Tang
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
The Manual of Eternal Autumnal Micro-Climates for Kyoto researches into applicable traditions, materials, and technologies for a sustainable master plan that is forever and only Autumn. ‘The City of a Thousand Autumns’ is a 19.16 km2 energy hub for Kyoto, aimed to create eternal autumn micro-climates to engage in a carbon neutral biomass energy system. With globalization, many cities have lost their heritage and cultural traditions. Through the development of The City of a Thousand Autumns, old Kyoto is brought into the 21st century through a methodology of sustainable development that retains Kyoto’s local values and beliefs. A thousand Origami Cranes float above the City, passively shielding and supplementing the Japanese landscape from extreme weather while more importantly cultivating one season only. The city’s landscape presents a checkered landscape of sugar-rich maple tree towers. Collectively the maple trees contribute to the urban albedo while providing a free biomass energy source. The cities maple sap is harvested and boiled to make maple syrup, filling the city with the nostalgic warmth and smell of Autumn. This dynamic environment responsive urban infrastructure is also a religious belief that could potentially grant local inhabitants longevity.
Martin Tang

Mr Bernd Felsinger
Mr C J Lim
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