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The Mnemonic Guild

Part 1 Project 2015
Sophie Barks
University of Nottingham | UK
The Mnemonic Guild comprises of a series of architectural ‘time capsules’ acting as a memory depository, archive and exhibition, fragmented throughout the existing infrastructure of The Elephant and Castle. Each time capsule is based upon a period of recent history specific to Elephant and Castle, in turn informed by a stage in the process of memory. The Mnemonic Guild acts as a vessel, monument and experience for showcasing and interpreting the past, as individual interventions or as a journey throughout time.

The Mnemonic guild is a speculative architecture, embodying the techniques of memory and cognitive neuroscience through perceptive triggers and environments, informed by the theories of false memory, the hyper reality and memory manipulation.

Each capsule aims to stimulate memory through perceptions. The engagement of this allows for each capsule to embody a new take on an immersive memory situation by the use of exhibits, experiences, objects and their showcasing. They individually look at displaying the juxtaposition of subjectivity and objectivity.

Margot | 1920 Prosperity | Encoding
Helen | WW2 | Perception
James | Teddy Boys | Retrieval
The Elephant | Re-Building | Storage

Sophie Barks

Stuart Buckenham
Chris McCurtin
Alisdair Russell
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