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The Lost Dockyard

Part 1 Project 2015
Andrew Chard
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The Piraeus Port of Greece still remains the largest passenger port in Europe, with close to 18 million passengers a year. But with the rapid degeneration of the ports industrial sector and passenger figures dropping for the second year running, Piraeus has quickly turned into a derelict shell of its former self.

The lost dockyard aims to halt this negative cycle and rejuvenate the industrial nature of the port whilst also providing passengers with a reason to stay. Nested within the existing dry docks will be a place where the lost boats of Ancient Greece, once a symbol of their power, will be revived and displayed in their natural kinetic environment, far from the sterile familiarity of other museums.

These boats will be researched and reformed within the buildings workshop while teaching forgotten lessons of construction to the public, when completed the boats are released into the water to travel around the archipelagos of Athens, bringing additional tourism to Piraeus. After their journeys the boats move inside the buildings experiential museum where passengers can eat, drink and relax, while experiencing the destructive weathering of the wind and rain, completing the expedition of these lost, temporarily re-born boats.

Andrew Chard

Aleksandrina Rizova
Ricardo Assis Rosa
Jonathan Schofield
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