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Academic Landscape: Regenerate a riverside warehouse as an emblem of active learning

Part 1 Project 2015
Hong Xi
Nanjing University | China
The invisible academic landscape of Cambridge makes the town a global attraction and provides the town with an exceptional resource to develop its public space. On the other hand, academic libraries in contemporary universities are facing a paradigm shift toward active learning. This project intends to make visible and integrate the hidden academic landscape of Cambridge libraries as an active part of urban space, while maintaining their role as environment for active learning.

A strategic site on the River Cam is chosen. It was a warehouse and later occupied by the Department of South-East Asian Studies; on the other hand, It overlooks probably one of the most crowded tourists’ destinations along the River Cam and therefore with a high visibility. It belongs to the gown and the town but to global visitors too. This project intends to regenerate the site as both a learning place and an emblem of active learning, the double role assumed by Cambridge in an age of globalization. The proposal implants bookshelves within the historic building to create a protective but emanating form as a symbol of academic landscape.

Hong Xi

Pingping Dou
Ingrid Schröder
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