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Part 2 Project 2019
Samiur Rahman
University of Greenwich | UK
The project speculates and critiques the future of Instagram, social media and the built environment. The digital culture of augmented facial enhancement through selfie-filters and overlays is proposed to transition into an architectural application. Users can enhance any image or video to fulfil their spatial desires, thus allowing them to curate the online environment of their choice. The digitisation of all aesthetic and ornamental elements leaves behind only what is necessary in the functional world, whilst overcoming geographical constraints. A new lifestyle is conceived, whereby the physical environment operates only to serve bare necessities and functions as a stage to enhance and amplify the ability to live through social media. This offering is situated in the Arizona desert, functioning as a prototype town located close to the California Instagram headquarters, whilst allowing for enough spatial abundance to house the first ever social media town. Welcome to Gramliving.
Samiur Rahman

Pascal Bronner
Thomas Hillier
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