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Riad Al Nisa

Part 1 Project 2019
Imogen Dhesi
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) London | UK
As a country, Morocco is becoming more modern in it’s views and the younger generations are trying to make Morocco a free and democratic place. However, there remain many contradictions between it’s adopted Western views and it’s Islamic traditions, especially concerning women’s rights. This project offers women who have become isolated or ostracized from their communities a place of sanctuary and acceptance.

The presence of water and plants is key to the design of the building: the large body of biophilia research has consistently demonstrated that physical and psychological wellbeing is supported by environmental conditions. Therefore, natural elements have been integrated throughout the proposal.

The project features a gravity fed natural water treatment system which uses only plants so that to gain the psychological and rehabilitative benefits. The water system will be regulated so that when the public are allowed to enter the water can be released and allow for visiting times to occur with acoustic appropriation and therapeutic surroundings. The water will journey through the building through pipes, channels, waterfalls and cascades at different points to allow for the presence of water throughout the building.

Imogen Dhesi

Barry Wark
Maria Knutsson-Hall
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