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Spolia Tectonic

Part 2 Project 2022
Dario Biscaro
Royal College of Art | UK
The 21st century has ushered in an increasing awareness that the capacity of the globe is reaching its limits. As the built environment is the world’s single largest polluting sector, there is a growing urgency for architects to redefine our approach to processes and materials. To counteract extractive practices in construction, reduce waste production, and carbon emissions, Spolia Tectonic investigates how reuse can prevent the exploitation of our declining resources.

Through the adoption of “Spolia”, the ancient practice of material reuse, the project opens up new possible implications for a cultural and architectonic expression based on the reuse of historical material. Looking at cities as material banks of the future, the project envisions a closed-loop construction industry that counters current material extraction and manufacturing standards.

Spolia Tectonic demonstrates two conditions for the reuse of construction materials to take place, in a practical and real-world context, today. The first consists of a series of clear actions to conduct the end-of-life and Whole Life Cycle assessments of buildings. The second is the design of a first headquarters and physical infrastructure that, operating in London, enables the reuse of construction materials and building components.

Dario Biscaro

Amin Taha
Jason Coe
Peter Rae
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