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Earth’s Breath: Wind and Wild

Part 2 Project 2023
Chloe Dalby
Newcastle University | UK
Narrative and humans share a unique connection: a form of symbiosis where narratives form our life experiences whilst simultaneously creating a new narrative which others may follow in the future. A constant tale of renewal and reflection, “the narrative process is inseparable from the story product” (Lewis, 2011). Exploring the narrative between humans and the breath of earth, wind, the project aims to understand and express the how it affects the way we perceive landscapes, how it creates the landscapes and us, and finally how it influences the way we respond to and inhabit the skin of the breathing earth. As creatures looking for shelter, how might an architecture in the future be different to accommodate both ourselves, and natural forces? The narrative arc explores an ever-advancing Anthropocene where society appreciates the fact that the human and the wild cannot be partitioned; wind and wild are forces to be embraced.

Chloe Dalby

Prue Chiles
Polly Gould
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