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Artisan Pier In The Chilean Patagonia

Part 2 Project 2001
Daniel Masot
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso | Chile
Raul Marín Balamceda Pier
Aisen Region Patagonia–Chile

This project is located in a structure of terrestrial and maritime roads between little villages throughout the chilean Patagony in a strategical place for the new entrance to the great park that means the “Austral Highway in the Patagony”
The project takes under its wing the landscape, the weather and geography, modelating the way of living.
A world divided in two, one on the sea and the other in land, united by the –“sea tide plan”, place where to be transited and where to stay on, it is transformed in the public soil of the port. Interchange land.
Its purpose is to construct the transpassing of both worlds in the shelter of the dramatic weather conditions. To build the infrastructure that may bring support for all the activities developed in the area. Maritime and tourism.

This way the project stands enrooted in the Patagony showing its shape the modelating produced by the land forces. The wood shelter is a fundamental element on the activities of the transference port and the square-market.

With the form , constructive tecniques used there, and the materiality, we pretend a project wich its conception is deeply enrroted in a a landscape so particular as this people are.

Daniel Masot

This text briefly express the aims obtained by the student in his titulation process, which guarantees the project basicaly in the following ideas:

1.- From its spatial relation with the surroundings : this point of view comes from the school statements on providing with interventions that rescue the inmediate value of the neighbouring places . The project traces the ocupation with a potent and envolving natural coordinates. This comes to presence by the urban position of the project (in relation to the sea and the measure and size inhabitant relations that it generates.. A fundamental aspect of this is its shape,a relection of a profound study made in the southern part of the country. The project defines itself as an element of the landscape that it constructs, rescuing in a very particular way the Patagonian way of living.

2.- Fron its relation with the identity of this place and the existing culture: This idea is reflected on the fact that the project is capable of supporting local programatic relatonships, giving a solid base of sustention for the Patagonian activities.

This you can check not only in its capacity of sheltering an existing program but also as a real posibility of harnessing diverse aspects of tourism and of local work.

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