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Part 1 Dissertation 2000
Paul Ely
University of Bath | UK
This dissertation examines the writings of Simone Weil, in order to develop a theory concerning the condition of "uprootedness" or absence of dwelling. It attempts to move the study of "belonging" away from the purely architectural/environmental onto the philosophical plane, ranging from ancient philosophy to modern critical theory. The work primarily concerns itself with the problem of dislocation we face today, rather than attempting to offer detailed remedies.
Paul Ely

This dissertation is well written with a fluency of style and communicates the author's enthusiasm for the subject. It provides an excellent summary of the cultural aims of the MArch programme here at Bath, and by focussing in particular on the writings of Simone Weil, which are complementary to it, a particular theory is developed that is specific to the author's own interests and concerns. Paul poses his concern with the 'uprootedness' of modern life clearly, before moving on to outline a good example of a 'rooted' Pompeian house, returning to the dilemma of dislocation we face now. Sensibly, in a dissertation of this length, he concerns himself with elucidating the problems rather than attempting to offer detailed remedies. The examiners felt that this was an extreemly good piece of work for a student at this stage.

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