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The advent of Raumplan and the Theatricality of Adolf Loos's architecture

Part 1 Dissertation 2000
Lars Wiegand
University of Greenwich | UK
Lars Wiegand

Lars Wiegand' s Dissertation topic in the Third Year Degree was 'The advent of Raumplan and the Theatricality of Adolf Loos's architecture'. Such subject might have be seen to be ambitious and too well resaearched for a degree student. However, Lars's knowledge of German and English, his interest in Adolf Loos, travel and visit of all relevant buildings that he described, analysed and critically discussed in his dissertation was commendable. I was impressed with his committment, endurance and interest to pursue research at the degree level with such an in depth analysis. Equally, his understanding (although briefly descussed) of Raumplan and Plan Libre was equally mature and encouraging. His dissertation was addressing many issues of Adolf Loos: his personal life and influences, his teaching and educational career, his buildings and finally his relationship with Le Corbusier. Finally, I believe that his research work has greatly improved his design outlook of architecture, its cultural and personal context as well as theoretical positions necessary and required for design work.

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