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constructing generic Identities in Specific Places

Part 2 Dissertation 2004
Tim Paul
University of Bath | UK
This dissertation is concerned with the convergence of local, national and global cultures and the resulting effect on the appearance of cities. Initially exploring the concept of the 'Generic City' described by Rem Koolhaas in 1994, its aim is to understand whether or not, in a climate of sameness, it is possible to impart new meanings and identities on the objects that are placed in our cities. The City of London provides the focuss for this enquiry, and as one of the defining manifestations of the world city, the tall building forms the basis of the argument.
Tim Paul

This dissertation is an admirable attempt to undertand the impact of globalisation on our cities, and addresses a number of important questions: how can regional identities best be maintained in the wake of global culture? How can tall buildings contribute to this regional expression?
This is an original piece of work on an important topic.

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