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Beauty Will Either Be Edible, or Not at All

Part 1 Project 2022
Panagiota Grivea
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
'Beauty will either be edible, or not at all' explores the complex topics of globalisation, nationalism, and culture in the context of traditional food chains, drawing inspiration from the loss of cultural identity experienced by many European countries today.

The project takes place in the near future where synthetic food has become the norm and all links between food and culture have been erased. It is now impossible to assign quality to a product using its ‘origin’, as is typical in most of Europe. The project predicts a social over-reaction and society’s turn to auto-cannibalism – the consumption of synthetic human meat. What ensues is the ultimate shortening of the food supply chain - where the producer becomes the product.

Set in the central Athenian meat market, Varvakeios Agora, this project re-imagines the agora as a space for the production and selling of ‘humain’. A market within a market is constructed through a cannibalistic construction process that mirrors the ancient method of ‘spolia’. Athen’s decommissioned classical buildings are deconstructed and their material is re-used in the new market structures – creating an architecture of decontextualised building fragments that is an echo of Greece’s marbles still resting in the British Museum.

Panagiota Grivea

Deborah Lopez Lobato
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