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Dwelling in the Periphery: A Place to Call Home Within the City Suburb

Part 2 Project 2022
Nicholas Cooper
Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark
Situated within the lush private villa settlement of Hasseris in Aalborg, the project speculates an alternative way of developing the periphery of an expanding city.

A long standing preservation of this affluent neighbourhood has diverted development pressure to the outer periphery, forcing a sprawl into the countryside while heavy restrictions have meant the suburb has been preserved, almost as a museum.

The assignment intends to ask whether the neighbourhood could start to address the cities housing demand while retaining its leafy, green and spacious suburban aesthetic. Attempting to articulate the unique qualities that are derived from the condition of living in a garden suburb with a more compact and perhaps a more diversified living pattern.

Nicholas Cooper

Dan Ljungar
David Tapias Monné
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