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Social Empowerment Center for Aquaponics

Part 1 Project 2022
Tharindi Amalka Chandrakirthi
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
360º ’, Social empowerment centre for Aquaponics stands to provide education and awareness to the community, through the process of transitioning from 2 dimensional agriculture to 3 dimensional agriculture.

As a solution to the loss of farmlands due to the central expressway, the project aims on utilizing land vertically, and to act as a platform to promote communal gathering and inclusivity within the community. By following the concept of visual and physical transparency the project allows the user to experience ‘the future’ of farming.

As Sri Lanka has an abundance of everything from perfect climatic conditions to natural resources to skilled labour, the design incorporates these in creating a space that connects human mind and body with the natural environment.

Tharindi Amalka Chandrakirthi

Rashika Abeyawardana
Chamila Bambaradeniya
Nandaka Jayasinghe
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