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Part 1 Project 2022
Alexander James Antonio French
University of Bath | UK
Contemporary London faces a societal crisis due to its framework for death, inherited from its Victorian ancestors. A backward and destructive attitude toward the notion of mortality results in a threat toward the resilience of the city and the broader moral sentiments of the masses relating to our actions on the planet.

By embedding the experience of death within the community as a backdrop to a textile arts community centre, this project aims to reinvigorate the relationship between the living and the dead, thereby raising general awareness of issues surrounding consumption, waste and the effects of our actions on the planet we leave behind upon death.

Participation in the repair and reuse of clothes serves to remind building visitors of their own lifespan and that of the objects they interact with throughout their lives, propagating progressive ideas surrounding lifetime consumption and the remnants of our possessions post-mortem.
An optimised link between the proposal site and the adjacent Camden Market capitalises on the local population’s acceptance of challenges to exiting frameworks, its rich history in the textile trade and its influence on progressive fashion subcultures.

Alexander James Antonio French

Tim Rolt
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