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Re-Make Fashion

Part 1 Project 2022
Rachel Lisa Jones
RIBA Studio | UK
Fast fashion’s rapid turnover business model delivers new affordable garments to clothing stores every four to six weeks by reducing manufacturing, delivery and retail times and costs. This model has social and environmental costs: poor working conditions, polluted rivers, and lots of waste (a high percentage of non-biodegradable clothing ends up in landfills). This project aims to address questions about the garment trade and the consumer culture of buy, wear once and bin in order to keep up with constantly changing trends.

Re-Make Fashion hypothesises a ‘pilot’ national HQ, for ethical apparel manufacturing that promotes repair and re-making of old garments into new. The design repurposes a Victorian former garment factory building in Leicester, a city once known for its thriving textile industry. The building is adjacent to a busy raised level retail park and presents an opportunity to engage with shoppers. The idea is to invite people to deposit clothes that are no longer needed (which will be repaired or remade into new items) and to walk through the building en route to the lower street level via a series of ramps. On the ramps will be views into the Re-Make factory and exhibition displays about the industry.

Rachel Lisa Jones

Ben Stringer
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