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Meditations on Memory

Part 2 Project 2022
Munira N Aliesa
California Polytechnic State University | USA
The collapse of the memory into facticity and precision has denied everyone’s unique subjectivity, and subsequently accelerating the eradication of individual memory. The diversity of individual narratives is situated within the diverse experiences and memories of shared spaces and events.

Capitalism undermines the ACTIVE RESOLUTION of cultural narratives by transforming local space in the city from diverse experiences and memories to a de-localized one dedicated to capital.

In the wake of modernity, memory has been decoupled from space. In this separation, it has become increasingly harder for cultural memories to be re-coupled with their once-practiced and lived-in space. This has resulted in the displacement of collective memory within space by objective representations of the past - history in the guise of memory.

The cultural loss of memories as a result of this change has produced simple-minded attempts to revive the hypothetical forms of a lost vernacular, producing an heir of apathy towards culture.

This project’s intervention challenges the erasing process occurring in modern Kuwait City by hiding, storing, and burying memories through the fabric of the city and which thus re-introduces the urban city as a space that allows for the pluralization of individual narratives.

This is a necessary precondition for the active resolution of individual differences inherent to the negotiation of cultural commonality, and essential to the restoration of Kuwait City as a site of local cultural practice.

Munira N Aliesa

Douglas Jackson
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