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The Fragmented Journey: An Archive of Broken Cognitive Memory

Part 1 Project 2022
Manuela Oyekan
De Montfort University | UK
“Memory is unreliable. Memories can be distorted, they are interpretations not records” – Memento, 2000

The ‘Fragmented Journey’ embodies the challenges of dementia and the decline of cognitive memory, through the art of film production. Here the visitor experiences environments that will be familiar but strange.
Located on a site that encapsulates Leicester’s Film history, the project invokes remembrance whilst repurposing and interpreting the technology of cinema.

This project uses cinema to provide insight into the reality of cognitive decline whilst supporting and creating specific spaces for those with dementia.

The process of filmmaking and the role of non-chronological storytelling is integral to the organisation of the architecture.

The architecture is experienced alternating between two sequenced journeys of film and Dementia. Opportunities for interactions and intersections of these paths use experimental Design to simulate the gradual decline of cognitive function. Architectural interpretations
of film techniques such as the Dolly Zoom and Schufftan process are functions of the brain effected by this neurological disease are represented spatially.

Through the creation of counter and collective memories, can the reintroduction of cinema in this aging part of the city be the key to unlocking suppressed memories as well as encourage new ones?

Manuela Oyekan

Geraldine Dening
Daniel Farshi
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