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Theatre of the Everyday

Part 1 Project 2022
Maxwell Benjamin Greenhalgh
Kingston University Kingston | UK
‘Theatre of the Everyday’ opens the stage curtain onto Rye Lane, revealing a scene full of colour, flavour, and smell, intertwined in the performance of daily life. The stage is an ensemble of typical English terrace houses that are unrecognisable amongst the flurry of retail spaces that African and Caribbean diasporic communities have gradually made their own. The high street is a contradiction of appropriate use and inappropriate misuse of architecture that attempts to aid the complex daily lives of such a culturally diverse area.

‘The Street’ is a proposal that takes the urban typology of Rye Lane and reworks it around the framework of a theatre to create a space where people of all backgrounds feel comfortable participating. The project tackles a number of communities, in areas like Peckham, that are currently underrepresented in the performing arts.

Playing off the several arcades that populate the high street, the scheme creates a familiar way of moving through the city to allow for theatre to become something that is possible to stumble upon during daily life. The theatre becomes a piece of urbanism that provides a celebratory route between the artistic hub of Copeland Park and the high street, democratising the process of going to the theatre to encourage a wider audience to participate in performing arts.

Maxwell Benjamin Greenhalgh

Alex Gore
Dingle Price
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