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Part 1 Project 2022
Emma Elizabeth Loughnane
University of Liverpool | UK
As we continue to see the rapid decline of Highstreets in the UK, with the degradation exacerbated by the exponential growth of online retail and the continuing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses and consumption, the traditional notion of the Highstreet must be challenged.

The Wearhouse is a mixed-use clothes market and textile studio that encourages collaboration between creative professionals and the local community. The scheme aims to challenge the ‘London-centric’ nature of the creative industry by championing emerging Northern talent and providing professional facilities and opportunities. This is coupled with a public access market that encourages in-house production and retail to combat fast fashion and generate a more circular textile economy in Liverpool.

The Wearhouse sits within a wider masterplan to transform Liverpool’s historic high street, London Road, and the wider Fabric District area into the epicentre of music, culture, and fashion, in the city.

Emma Elizabeth Loughnane

Graham Burn
James Crawford
Ben Devereau
Alexander Turner
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