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The Cavort Conciliator

Part 1 Project 2022
Jonathan N/A
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
The project aims to define a working place in the context of northern line of Hong Kong Island, where activities happened by people of occupations, races, and intentions coexist on the packed land spanned from the ever-expanding tip of reclamation towards the summit of the Peak of Victoria.

The urban condition of Hong Kong imposes forces of community-related issues that have to be tackled along with the development of the architectural design, in this case ‘a working place for everyone’ - where stationary points for discussion, circulatory lanes, mass gathering spots, and open spaces need to coincide harmonically without extreme interference of their own nature of programs. In addition to such constraint, the cautious step over the built land on the program conversion needs to be managed in order to ameliorate the contribution to the city, and people of the city.

Positioned in between sloped turnings of Sai Ying Pun, the building bridges the entity of its habitants over the three stages of the site: waterfront, infilled, and mountainous; allowing them to inhabit and collaborate in spaces designed on each level of slope sub-division as a built-landscape that flows seamlessly for its daily use and impact on the wider context.

Jonathan N/A

Cheng Chung
Patrick Hwang
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