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Weaving Peckham

Part 2 Project 2022
Elena Gauci
Kingston University Kingston | UK
‘Weaving Peckham’ developed from the repair of a dilapidated bamboo rattan chair. Diverse weaving techniques were explored, leading to the use of woven dried plants as a method of non-explicitly repairing the broken fragments. This organic method of care led to the exploration of an unloved plot in London, focusing on a semi- detached property segmented into a series of shop fronts, located in the heart of Rye Lane in Peckham.

Derelict shop fronts on the busy London High Street become a public produce market inspired by the local history of orchards and farming. The adjacent brownfield site is converted into a series of allotments to grow seasonal food and the abandoned warehouse in the rear end of the site is adapted into a restaurant and kitchen space. This project proposes a community led food landscape at the end of Rye Lane, a bridge between the existing community and ongoing gentrification of Peckham. Cultivating awareness around the ability to repurpose a ruined building, celebrating its qualities of decay as a notion of history. The proposed development aims to curate a dialogue between old and new, showcasing the potential to repair what is forgotten through the celebration of what always existed.

Elena Gauci

Tom Coward
Cathy Hawley
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