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The Suburban Farm

Part 1 Project 2022
Stephanie Skye Wills
University of Melbourne | Australia
Conventional development strategies in Australia fail to recognise the needs of the people who live in the buildings and instead are designed to appeal in an investors appetite with a means of making as much profit from the development as possible. The Suburban Farm looks to challenge this notion and suggests a sustainable alternative that values the lifestyle and wellbeing of the people who will use the buildings over the developer's hip pocket nerve . Subsequently, spaces are designed to be flexible through a customisable modular wall system so dwellings can be modified to meet the individual living situation and lifestyle of every resident.

The scheme makes use of nature’s “utility value”, but its larger focus is on educating the residents and local community about where their food comes from and encouraging a lifestyle that is more in touch with the natural world and one another.

A portion of produce grown by the residents in the aquaponic modules and rooftop gardens are donated to the community kitchen and produce stores to be sold. The profit from their sales helps maintain the farm’s grounds and gives residents another way to contribute to body corporate fees or rent if they struggle financially.

Stephanie Skye Wills

Djordje Stojanovic
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