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Tara Park; An Irish Travellers Site

Part 1 Project 2022
Myriah Vigilia Curi
University of Nottingham | UK
Approximately 63,000 Irish travellers live in the United Kingdom. Often considered the most isolated minority group living the UK, many are forced to hide their racial/cultural identity for fear of discrimination from settled people and forced to give up their historically nomadic lifestyle in a society progressively defined by regulations.

This project re-envisions Tara Park, an Irish travellers site located in the Ten Streets area of Liverpool. The new Tara Park is a self-sustaining community, with an emphasis on restoring travellers connection to nature and the surrounding neighbourhood and strengthening the bonds between its inhabitants through communal domestic workspaces and gardens.

Construction of the new Tara Park is undertaken by the travellers and completed in phases responding to the changing needs of the community using material foraged from the surrounding area. As the community grows vacant lots in the Ten Streets area will undergo a seed sowing process to support the growing needs of the community and giving nomadic travellers a food source farther afield.

The project highlights the ingenuity of the traveller community and their ability to survive in a culture which ostracizes them.

Myriah Vigilia Curi

Negin Ghorbani
Farida Makki
Diogo Real
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