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Lost Wales: Reviving Porth Wen

Part 2 Project 2022
Jonathan Joseph Edwards
De Montfort University | UK
Looking at Wales’s industrial past, this project attempts to repurpose an abandoned brickworks on Anglesey to create a hub for seaweed bio-energy production accelerating the UK’s transition to sustainable power. The scheme proposes, Britain should look to its vast area of coastal waters to create a new energy ecosystem that empowers local communities with skills to revive their fragmented and lost post-industrial landscapes.

To test this idea, a coastal industrial ruin was chosen in Anglesey, an area envisioned to be Britain’s ‘energy island’ by the government and transformed into a seaweed energy hub. The design envisages a circular economy in which seaweed is grown and harvested to be used to create energy as well as products for the wellness industry. This will create an opportunity to create tourism through the incorporation of a spa which celebrates Anglesey’s industrial past while funding its future.

The two programs work in conjunction with one another as the powerplant produces energy and hot water while the spa funds the research and industry for making products and operations of the energy plant. The biogas facility develops seaweed energy so that it can eventually be scaled up elsewhere to power the whole island.

Jonathan Joseph Edwards

Yuri Hadi
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