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Hyper-contaminated Home

Part 2 Project 2022
Ahzin Nam
Cooper Union, USA
Organisms and the forces of wind and water expose the skeleton, decay the skin, and parasitically grow on cellulosic structures of homes. As pests and unknown illnesses loom in the dark and damp space, we have understood a rotten house is a space that is no longer safe with its precarity and unpredictability.

With the rise of immunology, Modern history of the twentieth century came as a reaction to secure the absolute control over our environments and the comfort of predictability. The “off-the-shelves” materials in neat packaging guaranteed the homeowners water, fire, insects, mold, air-proof homes. Between the outer surface and the inner freshly painted white surface, within the poche of the dark line of the plan, we now have layers of chemicals. The collapsed history of a chemically contaminated home created new types of “sickness,” with inorganic contaminants entering bloodstreams of the occupants.

From a rotten home to chemically contaminated home, the hyper-contaminated home attempts to explore new methods of loosening the dense barriers between us and the microbes by using a mycoremediation process to detoxify the chemical contaminants embedded in our walls. The hyper-contaminated home is a proposal to live with microbes, curing one contamination with another contamination.

Ahzin Nam

Nora Akawi
Hayley Eber
Lydia Kallipoliti
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