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The Nucleus: Anderston’s Innovation Hub

Part 1 Project 2022
Victoria Rozewska
University of Strathclyde | UK
The construction of the M8 motorway was propagated in the sixties as a piece of infrastructure that will better connect two of Scotland’s busiest cities, bringing new visitors, and improving Glasgow’s road access. While this was accomplished, the area of Anderston in Glasgow suffered as it was torn in two and the city was split, dividing the west and east. Homes, businesses, and communities were destroyed and what remained was a fast-moving vehicle-orientated strip the width of the city that is unfit for pedestrian use, disruptive, and repellent of community connection.

This project, situated at the intersection of the motorway and one of Glasgow’s previously busiest streets, is intended to be a big statement.

The project stitches Argyle Street back together, transforming the area to become once again pedestrian orientated.

The proposal introduces a design, technology, and innovation-focused space that features facilities for the growth and expansion of the public’s knowledge of technology and design, a key facet of today’s society. It is established as becoming the first and largest step to transforming the area, allowing a vision of future technological expansion and hence a new purpose for the area to unfold.

Victoria Rozewska

Marcin Nykaza
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