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Part 1 Project 2022
Wai Lok Wan
University of Hong Kong | China
Urban decay and housing scarcity are always the major social issue in Hong Kong, yet, the existing model is far from efficient and unconnected. With limited land supply, the government is planning to rezone the industrial land for residential use. Instead of demolishing the existing, the objective of this project is to propose a synthesized model for collective housing and urban redevelopment on top of an industrial plot. The building is designed as stacked thresholds, conveying a sense of coexistence and individuality nestled in the interstices of architecture to emphasize the autonomy and freedom of people. Meanwhile, it can be understood as a resistance to the placelessness and the all-encompassing nature of urbanisation. Through the interplay of void, terraces and airy loggia within a neutral tectonic, no space has a prescribed, definitive function. The mutability of the facades is spread over the whole building like variations on a rational catalogue, reflecting inhabitants’ identity with subtle invisible grammar. The juxtaposition of void throughout the structure detours inhabitants from an established matrix to an intermediate field framed by differences and confrontations. The absence of precise programming allows inhabitants to arrive at their own spatial interpretations, contributing to generous space for various lifestyles.

Wai Lok Wan

Holger Kehne
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