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In Between. Intermediate Housing on Vaselor Street, Bucharest (Vaselor Home Gardens)

Part 2 Project 2022
Sandra Octavia Simon
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
The old Bucharest dwelling is still present at city level and offers playful and picturesque spaces that remind of the character of the garden city or of the old typologies of dwelling applicable even today. The architecture of these types of housing is presented today as a space of contrasts, which once traversed, transposes you into different historical periods, of glory or failure of the development of the city. The legacy is still present but hidden behind indifference. Its remembrance has led to searches in terms of housing, searches that do not destroy, do not eclipse, do not damage but integrate, flatter and solve a number of problems that the city faces in terms of housing.

The main research question was How can the typology of home living with the garden be taken into account in the context of the need to densify the city?

The project proposes a recovery of the island's identity and filling the gap in the site with a typology of housing specific to the area, namely “living in a common yard”. This typology converted to an intermediate habitat of individual and collective dwelling but to preserve the identity of the typologies of dwelling encountered in the area such as the mews, the dwelling in the mirror, the common yard; both single-family homes and apartment buildings.

Sandra Octavia Simon

Andra Panait
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