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Architecture of Displacement

Part 1 Project 2022
Dimitar Nikolaev Mollov
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
Global displacement, whether brought about by disaster or economic need, is a challenging issue that will only amplify with each coming year. Political and social unrest, natural disasters, war and unsustainable housing policies all compound the reason why a growing number of people are forced to leave their homes annually. This trend can only be reversed with a change of perspective. As outlooks on the future of housing become dismal, architecture needs to rethink the idea of conventional building altogether.

This project seeks to answer these issues by learning from people’s increased mobility and using it as an advantage – a structure that can move wherever people need it to go. Utilising modularity, various ways to combine units and an ability to adapt to local conditions, it proposes a building that is perpetually being built and changed, answering the changing needs of its current context or altogether moving elsewhere, as need be.

This concept, designed with adaptability, flexibility and modularity in mind, aims to increase architecture’s impact in alleviating global challenges of our time.

Dimitar Nikolaev Mollov

Constantina Christova
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