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Symbiotic Interaction in Architecture

Part 2 Project 2022
Yuk Sing Alex Cheng
University of Hong Kong | China
This thesis project re-thinks the existing mitigation measures (shaft spillway) for natural terrain landslides in Hong Kong and redesign such infrastructure to a hydropower plant by using the existing water momentum. Therefore, the water resources will be the main feature to focus on. To be more specific, the structure can be more like a device and generator that captures the rainwater and water from the site in order to generate the energy for the building itself and run back to the earth.

Our living environments are built on artificial lands and slopes and separated from nature by using concrete and steel. We use those materials to block and separate us from nature because we fear the force of nature. It seems that nowadays we can only control nature by using concrete walls. Can those “concrete walls” not just as a support for the engineering or mitigation measures but as ecological systems that frame a dialogue between nature, human and architecture?

This thesis project is looking for a symbiotic megastructure that integrates the machinery (hydropower generator) and biomimicry (terraces) in order to create a new type of ecological megastructure to support our livelihood.

Yuk Sing Alex Cheng

Ulrich Kirchhoff
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