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Flat Iron Theatre

Part 1 Project 2022
Devis Tako
University of Greenwich | UK
Flat Iron Theatre is a response to the post pandemic working landscape. The project seeks to provide a new theatre complex that will harbour human engagement and social interaction by creating a new working environment that becomes the hub of the community.

The project is located on the London Lowline, a walking route in South London that tracks the paths of a series of Victorian viaducts that weave through Southwark. The building aims to reconnect the missing links in the route by rethinking an existing meanwhile space at Flat Iron Square. The existing program of food outlets and shops are brought into the under croft of the building to serve as a concourse for the theatre above.

The main space of the building is a formal theatre that focuses on supporting young artists' development, training, and the creation of new works. The rooftop contains an open-air theatre that will be given back to the city and local community for their use and operation with the trainline acting as a backdrop to each performance.

The building is constructed from waste timber and materials from residential housing extensions, conversion and renovations. The material is reformed into columns, building components and furniture that are locked together with 3D printed brackets to create a rich texture of material and finishes throughout the building that could be dismantled and reused elsewhere in the future.

Devis Tako

Alex Bilton
George King
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