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An Attempt to Exhaust an Apartment

Part 1 Project 2022
Ho Chun Au-Yeung
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
This project, as an investigation of edge condition and leftover spaces in an urban environment, looked at the vanishing of old districts and communities under the urban renewal procedure in the city of Hong Kong. The process of gentrification has resulted in the migration of the lower class communities from district to district to seek for affordable sanctuary.

Project background being set in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong, which is a district the government plan to renew within 20 years, has a rich cultural and historical background of being a industrial neighbourhood with a lot of heritage of pre-war Hong Kong.

To facilitate the regeneration of communities after the gentrification, the architect performed an architectural shenanigan where he introduces a luxury apartment design to the Urban Renewal Authority, but implement hidden design gestures that allows the building to be hijacked and decay into a total autonomy state for the locals.

Ultimately, this proposal aims to regenerate lost communities after gentrification, provide sanctuary for those cannot afford to leave, and to be a monument that display the negative consequence of urban renewal and proves the failure of gentrification.

Ho Chun Au-Yeung

Mr Trevor Elvin
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