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Part 1 Project 2022
Samuel Luke Yeowell
University of Plymouth | UK
The programme situates itself within the pre-existing frame of the Job Centre in St Levan (Queens House) Plymouth. Acclimatising to current issues with the cost of living crisis, this project seeks to create a holistic micro-community orientated towards tackling problems of homelessness. This re-direction of resources from the NHS allows for a period of recovery and resurgence after the recent pandemic.

The proposal acts as a homeless hub with an innovative contemporary pod workshop, creating a place of sanctuary within the city. The proposal provides a place of dwelling within modular pods, which are fabricated and constructed by the local community. The workshop allows for the homeless residents and local communities to gain wood working and digital skills to help them gain experience for possible job opportunities.

The building acts as an urban stepping stone, bridging the divide from lower income neighbourhoods and tackling living crisis issues, but most importantly providing a tangible, and practical, solution. The pods are designed for adaptive use wherever they are placed, the modularity of the design allow for transportation around Plymouth and its wider area in an attempt to create a self-sufficient building system and sensible circular economy wherever it may be located.

Samuel Luke Yeowell

Nicky Fox
Roy McCarty
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