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Sandy Grow

Part 1 Project 2022
Malgorzata Weronika Migut
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Sandy Grow explores the use of temporary greenhouses as a ‘taster’ introduction to self- sustainable neighbourhoods in Belfast. The vacant site currently separates Sandy Row, one of Belfast’s oldest residential areas, from the city. Based on conversations with residents, this scheme proposes replacing contaminated soil with a new topography of internal and external spaces for community gardening.

The 18th century pineapple farms at Hillsborough Castle inspired this temporary solution to local agricultural needs, retaining the community’s use of the site. The market-like façade along Wellwood Street invites pedestrians to move between the city centre, Sandy Row and the adjacent new Transport Hub. Within ten years, the Housing Executive aims to house a further 66,000 people in Belfast. This proposal is phased so that by then, a series of greenhouses and allotments would exist on the site, bringing together existing and new residents.

Annual “Eleventh Night” bonfires have contaminated the soil, which must be removed so that the community can grow plants here. A rammed earth topography is proposed with polycarbonate roofs above, oriented to catch sunlight and maximise solar gains stored in the thermal mass below. A range of volumes create growing conditions for tropical plants shaping fragrant and uplifting community rooms.

Malgorzata Weronika Migut

Fearghal Murray
Rachel O’Grady
Guido Vericat
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