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The Black City and the White Garden

Part 1 Project 2022
William Charles Daniel Guare
University for the Creative Arts | UK
"The unease and explosion in gas prices due to current world issues
raises questions over the use of gas and oil within the U.K.
The proposition that in such quick need for power and warmth
results in the revival of the British coal industry is not entirely farfetched.
I question how London would manifest itself
if it once again ran on coal.

In such a city of smog
I propose a structure that is a factory of clean air.
Filtering the pollutants whilst also creating a space to beath and experience nature.
This air factory may sell clean air as a commodity to those
fortunate enough for it and1 produce
an atmosphere that is normally achievable within the parks of London,
for if only such places were not overrun by pollution.
Taking the carbon out of the air in order to use as a construction material"

William Charles Daniel Guare

Rosana Jones
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