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Kykrdale_Animate Valley

Part 2 Project 2022
Elfed Alexander Samuel
Royal College of Art | UK
An animated work of climate fiction, Kykrdale_Animate Valley explores the use of digital ecosystem modelling as a platform to project restorative modes of posthuman architecture, cultivating new ways of seeing, engaging, and understanding natural systems.

The ever-shifting, inherently animate quality of natural systems predicates a congruous medium of animation; which is taken as a platform of architectural simulation and investigation, highlighting and exploring the ecological effects of regenerative architectural interventions across a breadth of timescales.

The project is a ten-minute animated film, showcasing a speculative future for a declining rural community in Swaledale, North Yorkshire; searching for ways to enrich the degraded landscape and biodiversity around them through restorative agroecological methods.

The simulation of environmental phenomena, the digital scripting of natural environments, cinematographic techniques and environmental storytelling are all taken as platforms of a wider narrative architectural intervention; which seeks to highlight the need for a deep appraisal of human modes of agricultural production and the health of ecosystems which are in rampant decline.

Restructuring our relationship to the natural world, in recognition of our ignorance to its systems of agency, temporal rhythms and the evolutionary lineage we share within it, is critical.

Elfed Alexander Samuel

Thomas Greenall
Nicola Koller
Matteo Mastrandrea
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