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Surfaces of Erosion

Part 1 Project 2022
Ying Tung Ng
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
Located in an infilled, mountainous oasis at the foot of Mid-levels, the dynamic landscape sets ground for a tower that encapsulates interwoven nature and man-made spaces generated environmental-consciously through explorative design strategies, with aims to transform and represent natural forces in spatial design. The making of the tower with hands-on experimentation and study of prototype models overturns the otherwise over-systemised and mundane nature of repetitive constructions in the city. In objection to capital-driven projects which often occupy the environment with massive, captivating blocks, the sculpted tower blurs the definite boundaries between interior and exterior and opens up breathing and replenishing spaces to the local community.

As a future place of work, the tower situates itself as a living trunk with carved out voids that accommodate functional spaces, open-air sky decks and atrium spaces. To preserve the natural land, the tower meets the ground in an open gesture while landscape design engages the public with natural life.

People can breathe fresh air while being in a tower, walk and touch naturally grown plants while being sheltered by a built structure. Ultimately, the eroded tower redefines relationships of inside and outside with its ambitions to commemorate the co-existence of humans and the environment.

Ying Tung Ng

Patrick Hwang
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