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Nile Delta Bio-Campus

Part 2 Project 2022
Sarah Paxton
Roberta Vasnic
University of Plymouth | UK
The Nile Delta Bio-Campus is designed to support and reinforce the adaptability of low-lying coastal cities to sea level rise and its effect on the local and global food network.
Utilising the seemingly inevitable flooding of the Nile Delta as a solution, the project seeks to facilitate the transition from terrestrial to aquatic farming. The changing landscape is a key element in the design of an enclosed eco-system that emerges from the decay of the building as it is consumed by sea level rise.
Materials are grown on site, mycelium and rock salt panels are the bio-products of a changing landscape and are utilised throughout the life of the building and beyond, where they become the growing medium for underwater farming.
Designing to encourage and facilitate the longevity of life above and below water, this project looks beyond the conventional understanding of sustainability by not only accepting but embracing the decay of the building as the epicentre of human existence in communion with nature.
As with all aspects of nature, there is a cycle of life, from birth to re-birth, buildings should not be treated any differently. Their decay can sustain life beyond human inhabitation.

Sarah Paxton
Roberta Vasnic

Mathew Emmett
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