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Orders + Disorders; The Incomplete City

Part 2 Project 2022
Emily Louise Jones
University College Dublin | Ireland
‘Orders + Disorders’ responds to the city’s development as an object of real estate, questioning how the way we build reflects who and what we build for. Orders are the structures which define a city; grains, masterplans, zoning. Disorder occurs within these frameworks, through appropriation, breaking and gradual accretion. Where order appears homogeneous and quantifiable, disorder is diverse and unforeseen.

Specifically examining Dublin, Ireland, but operating in the context of rapid urban transformations globally, the thesis is founded on observations of various processes of ‘growth’, from informal extensions to meticulous perimeter blocks; their form, technology, and the kind of citizen life these ultimately support. As Dublin’s rate of development accelerates, land ownership filters to fewer people, and the influence of capital becomes increasingly visible through excessive ordering of the city’s fabric, erasing local character and diverse uses.

The design of a structure on a demolished pocket site in the city centre became both prototype and driver, to iteratively test and derive new critical processes and principles, reimagining the approach to site development. The architecture explored is one of accretion, re-using and relying on the city around it. The process is seen as the outcome, the architecture one possible manifestation of a set of values. How can we apply the principles of slow, integrated growth, to the scale demanded by the contemporary city? Understanding place, incorporating time at every scale, and inviting the interpretation and appropriation of those who use the city, begins to facilitate not only architectures, but places, which are open and unresolved, restitching the fragmented urban realm, rather than limiting and predefining the endless potential of the city.

Emily Louise Jones

Fiona Hughes
Orla Murphy
Emmett Scanlon
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