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Social Housing - Happy Home

Part 2 Project 2022
Velizara Valentinova Dragieva
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
People who need social housing can’t have their own home.

The idea for my project "My happy place = My happy home = My happy life" was based on the understanding that the social housing should offer a feeling of a "home" and not to be just a temporary accommodation.

The layout of four interconnected blocks creates a sense of a neighbourhood where people can live in close contact with nature.

The perforated structure provides a couple of common spaces for the residents. There, people can meet each other, work, learn or play in a close distance from their home. The green areas and the roof gardens build up the feeling of comfort and bring up the warmth of the home.

A large variety of flats was designed to respond to the different needs of the families. The apartments vary in size and type, from studios (35 sq.m) to three-bedroom apartments (90-100 sq.m).

The facades reflect the variety of flats. The individual dwellings are exposed in a way that represents both the uniqueness of each unit and the integrity of the whole structure. Thus the residential structure appears like a complete and complex development, which integrates dwellings and green areas, playgrounds and shared spaces. The materials and colours harmonise with the local environment.

My social housing project aims not only to design good living conditions for low-income people but to create a vibrant residential environment for people fully integrated in the social fabric of the city.

Velizara Valentinova Dragieva

Milena Nanova
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