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A General Theory of Architecture: Extreme Margins of an Alternate Standard Model

Part 2 Project 2022
Paul Tatsumi Walker
University of Greenwich | UK
“We must first blow, in fancy, a soap bubble around each creature representing its own-world, filled with perceptions that it alone knows. When we step into one of these bubbles, the familiar is transformed” - Jakob von Uexküll

A General Theory of Architecture, a research project at the boundaries between the physical and immaterial.

The physical has been long understood within the confines of the Standard Model. Hypotheses now project curiously at its extremities, glimpsing strange, alternate realities beyond - revealed at extremes of perception.

This work proposes that the field of architecture spans a similar model.

This catalogue is a compendium of research: presented as tools with which to navigate this emerging world, providing windows into its cartography and constructing its gestalt.

Uexkull’s tick is examined as an allegory to interpretate this model, chosen for its bizarre lifecycle, stationary model of consumption, efficient temperature regulation, and hyper-specialised sensory horizons.

Cross-disciplinary methods focus on participation with images, ready to accept the conjecture of reader and curator. The hope: opening a polemic margin of discourse, a method to be imitated and manipulated from many starting points. It attempts a first step into a new unconfined field of connected representation and experience.

Paul Tatsumi Walker

Simon Herron
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