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Lofos Sea Hotel

Part 2 Project 2022
Hristiyana Stoyanova Angelova
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
Hotel Lofos Gardens is located in the area of Achmalatsi, near Sozopol - an ancient city, part of Unesco Trust, that incorporates the memories of ancient times with the lively spirit of a contemporary resort.

The main concept is focused on creating a stronger interaction between the visitors and the surrounding nature. The hotel is located on the shore of the Black Sea, and has East orientation. Lofos Gardens is separated into two zones – public and residential. The public building has two levels, unifying different activities, connected vertically. The residential part is intentionally distributed over the terrain, aiming to utilize the unevenness of the ground and to create ensemble, typical for the historical past and spirit of the area. The building units are intertwining, each of them positioned and oriented according to the previous one, forming niches and spaces, resembling the neighborhoods of Sozopol. The residential units are 15 composed of two main types – unit of 5 separate double rooms and unit of 3 double rooms and 1 apartment. The hotel has disabled access. The public and residential parts unite architectural elements typical for Sozopol – terraces, verandas, sheds, external construction elements, along with local materials as wood and stone.

Hristiyana Stoyanova Angelova

Milena Nanova
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